John Daymonds Marines has been collecting fish and Invertebrates for 20 years now.

When you see "we have had many years in the industry" , usually means 3 to 4 peoples time in the industry added together to make the experience time look better.

With JDM it means MY time in the industry !!!


For the last 4 Years we have  also  been collecting corals, which we sell in Australia and world wide.

We pride ourselves in supplying hard to get and rare species which can only be found in Australia.

We are fully licenced with DPI and The Great Barrier Marine Park in Queensland.

Being a member of "Pro Vision Reef", we are obliged to maintain our standards in collecting and transporting our fish.

I am on the Mackay LMAC board and hope to improve peoples visions of fish/coral collectors not as pillagers but as farmers looking after their resource !


At JDM we offer a full refund on DOA`s if photos supplied to us the same day as arrival.
We only cover our livestock until it gets to you, as we have no way of knowing the conditions of our customers tanks.
We try to keep our prices low and in an effort to do this we freight both by Virgin Air throughout Australia and by Followmont Transport ( pick up from depot only ) to Townsville, Rockhampton.
We support Marine Aquarium Societies by offering a 5% discount to their registered members. This applies to verified members of MASS, MASQ, MASRQ, MASWA, MASOV and MASAOG.